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    REI not only takes personal satisfaction in a job well done, but also respects your home and yard’s cleanliness. Our crew leaves every jobsite spotless of debris and materials.

Roof Damage Warning Signs

In a 2012, Consumer Reports advised homeowners that some warning signs of roof damage are not so easy to spot and may need a professionally-trained eye to identify. The following clues are Early Signals that your roof needs some attention:

  • Curled, blistered or damaged
    shingles or shakes
  • Rotted or moldy shingles or shakes
  • Algae or fungus growth on shingles or shakes
  • Discoloration or missing granules
  • Cracked shingles or tiles
  • Missing Shingles

More Serious Signals:

  • Water leaks or discoloration
    on Interior Ceiling
  • Water leaks or damp spots in Attic

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To accurately determine if your roof needs repair or replacement, ask for a FREE ROOF REPAIR EVALUATION AND REPORT.

Roofing Services

  • Roof Replacement
  • Roof Repair
  • Reposition and re-secure sliding tiles
  • Roof Shingle Replacements
  • Tear-off and re-roofing

A SmartMoney article talks about the home improvements that help, and what does not, the value and functionality of our home.

ARTICLE: Which Home Improvements Pay Off?
SUMMARY: There are two reasons people improve their homes, for aesthetic appeal or repair problems. Sprucing up a bathroom or adding a swimming pool is not the same as fixing a leaking roof or replacing old windows and doors, which lead to energy savings. Each home improvement has an inherent benefit, some just include value in your house and others include value in aesthetics. (Full Article)

A Market Watch news article discusses putting off needed home repairs.

ARTICLE: Home Maintenance Mistakes Will Cost You
SUMMARY: Six common mistakes home owners make are examined. For example, Mistake #5 discusses ignoring curling roof shingles. Any of these mistakes can easily end up costing homeowners additional repair work if the maintenance issue is not addressed soon enough. (Full Article)

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